I've been very enthusiastic about my music studies for most of my life. I started took piano lessons in Elementary School at The Real School of Music. I focused on classical music for a few years and then I switched to jazz once I was in high school.

I create electronic music using Logic Pro and post it to SoundCloud and YouTube. I wrote the soundtracks for two video games while working with the Game Creation Society at Carnegie Mellon during my freshman year.

I'm currently focusing on my jazz and electronic music studies, but I also write other music for fun too. I hope to release an electronic album on Spotify sometime in the future :).

I've attached a few samples of my work below. These include electronic pieces, orchestral pieces and piano performance recordings.

Video Game Soundtracks

Piano Recordings


Performance of "Long Ago (and Far Away)" from the musical Cover Girl. Recorded in Feburary of 2020.


Performance of "Prelude and Fugue in D Major" by Bach. Recorded in December of 2017.